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Teacher, Game!


gradeBased on the teaching philosophy that fun and or interesting lessons make it easier for the student to learn works equally well for teachers. Fun and or interesting lessons make teaching much easier for the teacher to teach! 

That is precisely the goal of Teacher, Game! To help teachers by providing them with fun educational materials for their classroom. 

The materials are in the form of lessons or game templates that are followed by relevant card games. The lessons/templates introduce and explain the topic and then are followed by a game that incorporates what was covered in the lesson. 

Most of the card games are all ‘spoken word’ games, meaning that the students must utilize their speaking and listening skills to play the game. 

The games are easy to learn and quite often will have similar game mechanics. This idea will make it easy for the teacher when having to introduce a new game. It can be very frustrating and time-consuming when it comes to trying to teach a game to students of another language. The series of Teacher Game card games will require very little instruction once the students are initially introduced to its system. 

Less instruction time = more game time! 

Using games in the classroom undoubtedly makes learning more enjoyable for the students. If students are enjoying the class, they will be more likely to look forward to returning to class the next day, and therefore making life a whole lot easier for the teacher.


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